Viscose is a must have fabric in today’s fashion world due to its luxury look and feel.  Let Lady Nightwear give you the V-I-S-C-O-S-E of viscose fabric.

Vivid Colors: Viscose fabric takes to dye with ease. The result of the fabric taking to the dye is viscose fabrics having vivid, sharp coloring.

Incredibly soft: Viscose is synonymously used with words like silk and cotton due to the fabrics superior  soft to touch feel.

Sunny origins:  The most commonly used viscose fabric is also known as Rayon. The Rayon name is rumoured to have originated through the combination of Ray of sun and the O-N in cotton. Ray of sun was attributed to the fabric due to its brightness where as the O-N in cotton was attributed to the fabrics name due to the fabrics resemblance to cotton.

Cotton-like breathability:  Viscoses natural origin makes it a far more breathable fabric than pure synthetic fabrics.  Viscose bamboo blends are often celebrated for the fabrics superior ventilative qualities.

Organic base: Viscose is a raw material made from cellulose. The cellulose is made from wood pulp giving viscose its natural origin.  A newly popular viscose blend is bamboo viscose which is maded from the cellulose extracted from the bamboo.

Silk-like feel: Viscose was the first mass-produced in 1905 and marketed as a silk alternative without the silk price tag. Viscose is well-known today for its silk-like lustre.

Explorers friend: Viscose, in particular bamboo viscose has been selected as one of the best fabrics for travel clothing. Bamboo viscose fabric was selected as jet setters friend since you can wear the fabric item multiple times before it really needs to be washed and in addition it won’t wrinkle easily.


Now that you have the V-I-S-C-O-S-E of viscose why stop there, go have a look how Lady nightwear uses viscose fabric.

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