Unforgettable Nights

A bloke with a small budget can’t afford to take his wife to a fancy restaurant on their anniversary, so he’s going to make her favorite meal. But he does that all the time. So, to make their anniversary special he decides to buy her a romantic night dress and matching robe. But lingerie is expensive and he can’t afford satin and lace.
Oh, but he can.
He sees our page on Facebook and he can’t believe the prices! He buys her a lace trimmed satin short night dress with a sexy low-cut neckline and lace cutouts and straps. The matching robe has lace-trimmed sleeves.  
They end up freezing dinner and reliving their wedding night cuddled in bed surrounded by candlelight, listening to soft jazz on the radio and sipping their favorite beverages that are staying cool in an ice bucket while things are getting hot under the covers.
Our lingerie makes satin feel like silk and the lace trim sparkle like diamonds. And that’s how we give people unforgettable nights at affordable prices.

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