The ultimate staple: 1 style + 2 colours

Whether you’re jet-setting, or relaxing at home this summer, the undergarment which has arrived in our office this week is a must-have in every wardrobe. Lace and chiffon are big in the fashion world again this year, which means you can expect to see lots of semi-see through garments on the high street. Beautiful, yes. Practical, not so much.

We’ve all got that one dress in our collection that is impossible to wear without showing a bit more skin than we’d like.

Well, the answer is here with these one-piece undergarments designed to create a smooth silhouette and provide modesty when wearing clothes that don’t leave enough to the imagination.
Available in both nude and purple, your one-piece can either seem invisible or provide a solid background colour to wear underneath sheer clothing.
The one-piece undergarment in nude truly is a must-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe. For those women with small chests, the garment can be worn as a complete underwear solution, allowing you to ditch the bra while safe in the knowledge that nothing can be seen. But for ladies with more ample bosoms, the one-piece can be just as useful. Bra showing under a white t-shirt? The one-piece undergarment can help. Want to smooth those wobbly areas under a close-fitting dress? Look no further than the nude one-piece. And best of all, because of the strapped design, it won’t ride up, fall down or otherwise go astray while you’re out and about in town or boogying on the dance floor.


The black version of this one-piece provides all the same flexibility, cover and functionality as the nude one-piece, but has an additional feature. While nude undergarments are synonymous with underwear and designed to be invisible, this purple one-piece can pass for regular day wear. Pair with jeans and a cardigan for a strappy vest that won’t come untucked, or wear underneath tops that have a tendency to lift up for total belly coverage. Lost weight and have jeans that you hesitate to bend down in for fear of exposing a little too much behind? The black one-piece will keep your decency intact. Heck, it could even pass as a swimsuit if you find yourself wanting to take an impromptu dip on a hot day!
With so many uses, we know these are going to fly off our shelves, so if you need an undergarment that does it all, grab one before they’re gone! You can purchase our nude one-piece or black one-piece, or a range of other ladieswear on the LadyNightwear website.

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