The 4 piece luxury satin and lace pyjama set you need

This 4 piece luxury satin and lace set covers all bases, literally. You have everything you need to cover-up while still feeling sexy and confident. We feel like you might be tempted to wear this for more than just sleeping as it looks stunning!
These pyjamas mix block colours with patterns in a very complimentary way. The gold shorts and bralette peek out beneath the floral robe, if you are feeling slightly cold, you have the option of wearing the floral trousers as well.

Starting from the bottom

Beneath the satin robe, you will see the matching shorts and bralette. Both pieces feature lace detailing on the edges, and the bralette feature spaghetti straps, as no one wants excessive material on their body while they sleep. The satin is also soft and gentle against your skin, which sounds like a washing powder advert, but we really mean it! The satin will feel smooth against your skin, which means you might be able to sleep better.





It’s all about the floral

On top of the bralette and shorts are the satin robe and trousers. These two pieces incorporate the gold design as well as an oriental inspired floral design. The robe has wide bands of gold across the shoulders, cuffs and across the shoulders.
The loose fitting robe and trousers are great pieces to wear in summer to stay cool while you sleep. You can strut around your home like a boss in this 4 piece set.

Where to wear?
The best part about this 4 piece luxury satin and lace set is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the bedroom with it. The trousers would make great lounge pants, while the robe would be great as a cover-up over your swimsuit.
Mix and match
One aspect we love the most about this 4 piece set is that you don’t have to wear everything in one go. Mix and match by wearing the bralette with the trousers, the robe by itself or just the bralette and shorts. You can even mix and match with your own clothing, as well, to create even more outfits!
Which combination do you like best? Will you be incorporating these pieces into your next night-time outfit? Let us know!

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