Cotton fabric is soft, natural and breathable.  Cotton fabric is the most used natural fibre today and is derived from the cotton plant. Cotton fabric has been used throughout the ages due to its multitude of advantages. Here is Ladynightwear’s  secret list of why cotton is one of our fabrics of choice.

To start the list off, Cotton is natural and soft nature makes it a great fabric for sensitive skins giving it a hypoallergenic quality.

Secondly, Ladynightwear loves Cotton because it is a highly-breathable fabric. Cotton has a natural base that allows the fabric to provide good air circulation for you throughout the day. Cotton is a lady’s best friend on hot summer days as helps to keeps you cool and dry.

Thirdly Ladynightwear loves the comfort Cotton provides you. Cotton fabric is versatile which allows it to stretch as you need it to. The combination of softness and versatility found in cotton makes for comfort other fabrics can’t provide.

Finally, Ladynightwear loves that Cotton undergarments are better for your health. Vogue published an article in 2016 explaining the fact that cotton underwear doesn’t trap moisture makes it better for your health.

Cotton is the unsung hero of the undergarment world. Cotton is a simple but sexy fabric.

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