Chanel Satin Nightdress
red satin nightdress

Unforgettable Nights

A bloke with a small budget can't afford to take his wife to a fancy restaurant on their anniversary, so he's going to make her favorite meal. But he does…

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First developed in the 1940's, acrylic is made from synthetic polymer fibres. It is created by producing a filament which is cut into short lengths and then spun into yarn.…

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Cotton fabric is soft, natural and breathable.  Cotton fabric is the most used natural fibre today and is derived from the cotton plant. Cotton fabric has been used throughout the…

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Viscose is a must have fabric in today's fashion world due to its luxury look and feel.  Let Lady Nightwear give you the V-I-S-C-O-S-E of viscose fabric. Vivid Colors: Viscose fabric takes…

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Lace Fabrics

A decorative fabric which can be very fine or quite coarse. All lace is transparent and none of it has a grainline - however, most laces have more stretch in…

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