5 reasons you need a satin robe

We don’t think you need a reason to wear a satin robe, but we thought we would put together a list of 5 reasons just encase you are on the fence about treating yourself. See if your reason for grabbing a robe is on the list.

1. Summer-ready
With summer already in full swing, it was natural for this season to make an appearance on this list. Satin robes are lightweight and just slip onto your body with ease, that’s why they make the perfect summertime piece. The lightweight material means you can stay cool even in the warmer weather. Can you imagine it now, wearing a satin robe over your swimsuit as you relax outside?

2. Confidence boost
We can’t hide the fact that satin robes are generally considered sexy, and that should be a bonus! Wearing a satin robe could improve your confidence, mentally, physically and sexually. Just the feel of the material on your body will spark a new sense of confidence in you. Strut around the house, feel powerful and everything will fall into place.

3. The lounge life
Feel like you need a day off in front of the TV? Is your puffy bathrobe too big for some summertime relaxation? Then grab a satin robe as it will give you the freedom to lounge around while being covered up, but will still give you the sense of freedom.

4. Party, party, party!
Hen parties or bachelorette parties, depending on where you are located, would not be the same without the perfect robe to wear. You can sit around comfortably, sipping on your favourite beverage and talking about the big day. Satin robes are also the ideal piece to wear while you are getting ready for a wedding, especially if you are in the bridal party. They are lightweight so you will not sweat your makeup off, and they are easy to take on and off without ruining your hairstyle.

5. The go-to cover-up!
There’s a knock on the door, it’s the parcel you have been waiting all week for and you know that if you don’t answer right now, they will leave with your parcel! What can you grab to cover up?! Your Satin robe of course. Pull on your satin robe whenever you feel like clothes are too much hassle for the day. Go about your day feeling free, without risk of exposure. If you are feeling truly daring, wear it as a cover-up outdoors. Lingerie fashion is all the rage now, so a satin robe will fit in perfectly with this trend.

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